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This is it, we have a winner...
eb Oct 23, 2015

gt from Brazil took it against bulat from Russia. The final score is 3:1.

Congratulations to gt!

Quick summary of the maps

  • Aerowalk: Sloppy play by both with the better end for gt.
  • Dm6: Really solid and smart play by bulat.
  • Ztndm3: Bulat already had a comfortable lead and control, but gave it away.
  • Dm2: gt pulled off probably the smartest move by going to low rl without getting mega first and taking bulat by surprise. After that it was game over.

Prize money

  • 1st place: gt: 200USD
  • 2nd place: bulat: 150USD
  • 3rd place: Rikoll: 100USD
  • 4th place: BogoJoker: 75USD
  • 5th place: LocKtar/Meshuggah: 50USD

We'll be contacting the players individually to get the money transfer going.

Many, many thanks to dev, dirtbox and mushi for setting up servers at strategic locations that enabled us to do a worldwide QuakeWorld tournament. I'd like to especially thank dirtbox and dev for sponsoring the prize pool. It was dirtbox' goodbye present to the community before he went back to Australia for good. (Fare well, my friend! You'll be missed!)

Shoutouts to andeh, Rikoll, feffe and carapace for doing commentary over at SuddendeathTV. We have been extremely lazy with respect to news updates and actual coverage. So, thank you very much for bringing the hype to the spectators.

Thanks for playing/watching!

Prize pool correction
eb Sep 21, 2015

We made a mistake when creating the prize pool. We actually can't really give prizes to Top 5, since it's either Top 4 or Top 6 in a double elimination bracket. Therefore we changed the prize pool to Top 6 as follows:

  • 1st: $200
  • 2nd: $150
  • 3rd: $100
  • 4th: $75
  • 5th/6th: $50
Prize Pool
dirtbox Aug 26, 2015

EDIT: This pool is now defunct. See above.

For those interested in how the USD$625 will be distributed to the winners, it will be done in the following fashion:

  • 1st: $200
  • 2nd: $150
  • 3rd: $125
  • 4th/5th: $75+$75

We are also interested in accepting donations to further the prize pool. If you are interested then let me know. Any donated money will be going to places from 6th place onward rather than increasing the amounts paid out for the top 5 places.

eb Aug 14, 2015

Ok, we have to revise the plan of having two weeks per WB round. The tournament would simply run way too long (until December). So, we decided in the end of having one week per WB round.

This was especially necessary, because we went with a 128 player bracket. This way we didn't have to cut off 11 players that signed up last. It also means there is a substantial amount of byes in round 1.

Head over to the bracket and check it out! Happy fragging!

Schedule, ping rules and servers
eb Aug 11, 2015

Finally here are the long awaited infos on the tournament.

The official tournament start will be 17th of August. But we will release the bracket by coming Friday, so you can actually start playing a couple of days earlier if you want. The deadlines for winners bracket rounds are set for two weeks. That leaves the deadlines for losers bracket at one week per round. We think that this is more reasonable, since people have jobs and families to take care of and probably cannot play mid-week.

For the ping and server rules, please head over to the Rules section and read paragraph #7. Since this is NOT a Europe-centric tournament and since it spans three continents, players should expect to play on higher pings than usually. We will split the bracket into sections for BR, US and EU as good as we can though. This means that winners bracket matches will be mostly local until later rounds. The losers bracket will be mixed though.