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2 - 1
Map: DM4
bulat 20 - 19 BogoJoker

bulat 15 - 25 BogoJoker

bulat 23 - 18 BogoJoker

[lb - Round 11 - Match 1]
submitted: 2015-10-10 21:40:22 by eb
confirmed: 2015-10-10 21:41:54 by eb
BogoJoker 8 years ago
Well played! These were some of the most exciting games I've ever been a part of. A few were nail biters until the last 30 seconds, and all should have been fun to watch. Good games!
dev-br 8 years ago
Thanks for playing duelmania and congratulations for your undefeated aerowalk record!

Enjoy your prize! :D
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