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LocKtar vs gt
0 - 2
Map: DM4
LocKtar 15 - 20 gt

comment by LocKtar
I could not keep up with his speed or aim. I always felt behind and not in control even when i was in control.

I dont know how he manage do do everything with that speed and precision. Perhaps he is a GOD?

GG and WP!
comment by admin

LocKtar's map

Map: DM6
LocKtar 2 - 29 gt

comment by LocKtar
Dm6.... I playied the map vs cara before my game vs gt.. its boring with 12ms, with 140ms it was IMPOSSIBRUUU!!
Again. Impossible to aim/move, for me atleast. GT is a god.

Still a bit nostalgic to play with these pings! I remember when I bought my 56k modem in 98-, I think i had around 140-160ms. All I did was camping... now I understand why:)

I woud love to play him 12ms vs 12ms. Perhaps then im a GOD?!

comment by admin

gt's map

[wb - Round 6 - Match 2]
submitted: 2015-09-30 00:29:47 by dev-br
confirmed: 2015-09-30 00:30:34 by dev-br
x1bot 8 years ago
Que nível chegou esse gringo kkkkkkkkk
x1bot 8 years ago
ping 130 vs 140, nenhum dos dois é costumado jogar de ping alto... Então não tem desculpas !!!
vnG 8 years ago
Se desató la bestia !

Boa Gutao!

Dm4 foi foda... que belo jogo... alto nivel, mesmo que para AMBOS o ping seja alto.
Mas, apostaria denovo no GT mesmo com ping baixo!
Bons jogos!
AL.Kernell 8 years ago
HAhahaha, GT Movements / Speed / Slide-Skills-agility,
is like he was born Inside the Potion (like Obelix, from Asterix...) LOL

I've see him dancing in like 5 pipes, backyards, avoiding beeing Hit by other shots...
And get 0 (ZERO) damage....

the MOTHER FUCKER is a PAIN IN THE ASS, kekkekkehekhehkeeheheh
gt 8 years ago
Dm4 the first map was very exciting, the game tied. Sadly the lag is very affectable on Dm4. The teleports is almost certain death. Sure I Would like to play with you with 12 ms one day.
On dm6 you were very aggresive and it doesnt combine with high ping
GGs ! nice games
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