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Rikoll vs bps
3 - 2
Rikoll 21 - 7 bps

comment by Rikoll
My map.

Felt I controlled this from start to finish, but bps did some nice attacks that set me back now and then.
comment by bps
Riki kept a tight grip the entire map through, had no chance here.
Rikoll 17 - 45 bps

comment by Rikoll
Bps' map.

Guess the opposite applied here. Bps controlled the map very nicely, and I couldn't really get anywhere. Gave up about midgame I guess, and rushed to get some action.
comment by bps
2 fast, 2 furious.
It quickly became a not-so-tournament-like game when Riki started flooding.
Map: DM4
Rikoll 5 - 29 bps

comment by Rikoll
My map.

I started out good, even tho he spawned RA. Had controll for the first minutes, but when he got an unconvenient spawn at RA when I was abit low, I decided to apply unikum taktik and camp mega. Gave him a good fight in there, but his LG was blazing hot today and I lost the frag. Was really tight for a couple of more minutes, but bps pulled it off in the end, and the last min or two was basically me rushing.
comment by bps
I felt really down in the beginning, when scores where at 4-1 to Riki. Was a hard time. But I succeeded in escaping mega alive and turned the map around with patience and some deciding shaft battles.
Map: DM6
Rikoll 23 - 4 bps

comment by Rikoll
His map.

I spawned RA, he spawned RA tunnel. and for some reason I really dont know, he went for the RL at RA instead of mega. Got the first frag, and controlled the map for most of the time from there and out.
comment by bps
I made a huge mistake in the startspawn and never recovered. Control was nicely held by Riki the map through.
Map: DM2
Rikoll 5 - 2 bps

comment by Rikoll

Can't really explain what happened here. Gotta see the demo I guess. 2xovertimes!

Really good games, bps. Seems like you've stepped it up a notch since last time! Ses på LAN and maybe in the grand final in Duelmania :-)
comment by bps
Chaotic dm2. Master LocKtar said I gave it away by taking too many stupid risk, but I personally can't agree. I think I played very cautiously, but lost the crucial rl fights. The one big chance to get back was at 2-4 when I had Riki locked into water and I was at ng, but somehow, miraculously, he killed me there. Should've been 3-4 and a chance to a good spawn. Really close overall.

WP Riki, nice games :)
[wb - Round 6 - Match 1]
submitted: 2011-10-30 20:21:46 by Rikoll
confirmed: 2011-10-30 21:19:19 by eb
bps 12 years ago
phil 12 years ago
DM6 game:
VVD 12 years ago
2OT @ decider dm2 - was really ez! :-D
phil 12 years ago
Aerowalk game:
phil 12 years ago
ZTNDM3 game:
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