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Dedi vs Hagge
2 - 1
Map 1: DM4
Dedi: 28
Hagge: 24
Dedi got a good start and took the lead. I worked my way back into the game and had a 3-4 frag lead with 1 ? min to go but dedi had some luck (or maybe skills :) and won the game with 28-24. gg.
Map 2: DM2
Dedi: 3
Hagge: 26
dedi got the start and got 3 kills or something. Then I just jumped around the map fragging him around. Really fun actually :)
Map 3: DM6
Dedi: 22
Hagge: 11
My worst map so I didn?t expect that much. It was tight for 5 mins when dedi telefragged me with 200/200 or something like that.. twice? if my memory is right :) well I don?t know if I would?ve won even if that had happend but who knows? gg dedi you deserve the final :(
finally hagge is out :( damn well it was a good game from both sides though dedi had very much pl :( see you next year and to dedi in final :)