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Matchreview by xhrl
The claw and the tooth; close combat
The match up of hib versus ultra was intriguing, as it symbolized for me the new school versus the old school style of play going head to head. Hib the Finn plays the old school style well, playing a lot like the great Danish player columbo on dm4 but more like tvs-acid on dm6. This match up was all about out thinking your opponent, and very little about ?lucky spawns?; some of the frags on dm6 for ultra were spawn rapes?to be sure, they helped ultra ?steal? his way back into that dm6 match. But the main feature of this match up for hib was his amazing player prediction shots; the guy has that old school ?zen? map awareness going, enabling him to just ?know? where to place a shot to strip off a bit of armour here and a little bit more there. Hib worked hard for his frags, the 7 or 8 frag on dm4 and the 4th frag on dm6 are examples of what I mean. Ultra, on the other hand, had to use his shaft aim not only as an offensive weapon, but also as a defensive ploy to keep hib off of him at times. The dm6 and 4 games were most interesting for me to see ultra using the shaft in this way; his aim in these games was very accurate. In fact, how hib was able to stay alive astonished me at times on dm6 and 4 where the shaft and shaft-aim can be so prominent; either ultra lost track of hib or hib just retreated in such a way as to confuse ultra. The dm2 game was a classic come from behind game; the game was tight and tactically played all the way.

I wish strength and honour to both players.