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Matchreview by xhrl
magma heats up _|anne.
I had expected janne to take out magma. I mean no disrespect to magma or his fans, but that is what I had expected. Learning to expect the unexpected in duelmania2 is almost par for the course; where is para, sod, or griffin? Now you can offer all sorts of reasons why such skilled players as Janne have lost, but under-estimating an opponent may be part of it. That, and the fact that when you do under-estimate an opponent, the tendency is to play with less fire.

Janne started out getting the bum's rush on dm4. As I watched the beginning of the dm4 game I thought to myself, "xhrl, there's no way this will be maintained by magma; Janne will wake up and do some tactical magic and will be as you expect...and should it happen soon!" Well janne did smack his mouse into gear or something and he started to play smarter and to move and fly about in order to get positional advantages over magma. As the experience and raw skill of janne began to work its magic trance seemed to elude magma. Yes, magma lost dm4 but he wasn't told he should lose dm6 because xhrl expected him to. In fact, magma shot rockets all over my expectations on dm6. Now janne had a tough time with a lot of lame spawns...but I got to give full credit to magma for not losing control of the map against a very capable opponent; this dm6 win was convincing.

But what of the dm2 game? This game broke my heart; and I am sure magma took much pleasure in doing so:) I never expected magma to have much a chance on dm2 against the mighty Finlander: "janne is just way too strong on this map," I thought to myself. But janne made some mental tactical mistakes I think, though they were minor. Some of his routine jumps went totally fubar on him...and I think even Janne has to chuckle at his missed MH jump. Some of his mistakes were costly indeed and magma took full advantage of any he could to aid his victory. Still, as i write this, I am shocked at this loss; how could magma take down janne, the man, the king of moves, the dude beyond all dudes, qw's up and coming star and my expected match winner???? To the outhouse with my expectations! However, I have learned a hard lesson; never under-estimate an opponent in a match.

I wish strength and honour to those who have played, or have yet to play.