Rules of this duel tournament
Please read the rules with patience, to avoid any misconvenience from happening.

Client settings
  • Allowed proxys are Qizmo, Qizmo and you can always use Qizmo if you feel like it. And if you didn't get the point, I'll iterate: no Cheapos nor any other weird proxys.
  • F_modify must report "nothing" and F_speed must be below 100%.
  • You must use QW 2.33. Mqwcl or any other weird client is not allowed.
  • You may use FB-skins.
  • Timelimit is 10 minutes per map.
  • Overtime should be set to 5minuts, if still after that its a draw, that round will be played again.
  • Maps will be played using the following settings: DMM3, no powerups, discharges on, no fairpacks, normal qw spawns.
  • Allowed maps are DM2, DM4 and DM6.
  • Both players must tell their maps before the game starts.
  • Winning the round requires winning of two maps. Both players will choose a map. In 1-1 situation the third map will be determined by this formula: if one map has been played twice, it will be the final map aswell. If there has been played two different maps, the final map will be the map which is still remaining (dm2-dm4-dm6).
  • In final there will be 5 maps. Final rules will be published later.
Other stuff
  • No droppings
  • No unnecessary whining (then again, what kind of whining is necessary?)
  • Players must take screenshots of each map. You should rename the screenshots following this formula; winner-loser_map.gif/jpg, eg. supa-sleiv_dm4.gif. (if you use glquake you should use .jpg compression, otherwise use .gif)
  • The tournament will be played using double elimination.
  • In a nutshell, it means that you have to lose twice to get out of the tournament.
  • Click here for a more detailed explanation.

(c) supa