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Duelmania DownUnder is BACK
dirtbox Dec 11, 2020

Duelmania, the most prestige online quakeworld duel tournament is back DownUnder.

Registrations will be opened at the time of this post. All the usual rules apply... No bullshit cheats like idrive, no thunderdome ruleset, and no unezquake.

Maps will be dm2, dm4, dm6, ztndm3, aerowalk and bravado. A poll is currently being held to determine the 7th map out of spinev2, messy, q1q3phrantic and shifter.

The '2020' version of each map is also allowed if both agree with the exception of bravado in which the 2020 version is the standard and both must agree to play the original one with the crappy mega/quad locations.

Games will start January 1st 2021 with the first 2 rounds being extended to allow for the holiday season.

bps 4 months ago
Cringe calling your personal preference on original bravado item layout as "crappy". Lobbying alert. Many of us love it as it is.

Anyway, great initiative, hope to see some good games from down under!
dirtbox 4 months ago
The original one isn't good enough to include.
moksha 4 months ago
quake lives!
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