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0 - 2
Map: DM2
eb 6 - 10 apokalypze

comment by apokalypze
My map. We played eachother for the long time overdue Besmella tournament just prior to this set of games so I had felt him out a bit already. Knowing what made him tick didn't change my gameplan much here, although, due to lack of spawnfrag streaks, I went a little more reserved towards the end. Big room was my turf this time around and a couple of juggles and airgibs later I stood as the winner.
Map: DM4
eb 4 - 10 apokalypze

comment by apokalypze
His map. I went full on +forward in the Besmella set of games and with the lack of ra spawns for me, the result spoke for itself. This time I was off to a better start and took the lead. Combining defensive play with picking my shots well proved to be a blueprint for stopping dopeskillz in his tracks. Good games!
[lb - Round 3 - Match 1]
submitted: 2013-11-09 11:42:01 by apokalypze
confirmed: 2013-11-09 13:42:50 by Shame
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