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3 - 1
locust 11 - 3 LocKtar

comment by locust
So finally after many if and buts we got the series goin. Naturally this was my choice and I knew I had alot more experience here, even so, LocKtar is one of the really best and a legend for a reason so its not a task to be taken lightly. Game kicked of and LocKtar got the best possible start, Mega and RA and myself had to crawl back for a bit. LocKtar could also have denied the ya before taking RA making my start a nightmare but luckily he didnt so atleast I had that to work with. Game was really slow from both sides, myself trying to snipe some rockets to get the stacks more even. LocKtar got the first frag though and the chase was on. As many know I like to play this map from the "underdog" point of view with alot of spam and defensive rockets. My plan proved to work and I managed to catch him off guard and could safely take back control. After that I really didnt give any chance for LocKtar to get back and managed to win the game quite comfortably.

Map: DM2
locust 8 - 14 LocKtar

comment by locust
LocKtars obvious choice, as all my opponents tend to pick this one and I knew that my chances were slim at best. He took an early lead with some superior rockets and the game got out my hands fast. The score doesnt really reflect the game, I had 0 chance to win this and LocKtar was nice enough to give me some frags almost for free in order not to let the humilation get out of hand.

Map: DM4
locust 12 - 8 LocKtar

comment by locust
Theres alof of history between me and LocKtar on this map and we tend to have great games here whenever we face off. I got the better start here and managed to get ra and lg while LocKtar spawned in the nightmare mh-room. That being said, LocKtar can get out of any position with his clutch plays and ruthless aim so I couldnt pin him down even though I got the superior start. Game went back and forth until LocKtar managed to kill me in a crucial moment and had a quite comfortable lead being 9-5 with some minutes left to go. At this moment I was quite sure the game was 100% over but managed to hit a surprise face-rocket , lg him down and luckily got 3 fast spawnfrags directly after, evening things up. Game went to overtime but at this point I was the one in control with a huge lead in stack. In the final minute I managed to catch and kill him with the notorious "dag-move" as I like to call it, doing a double rocketjump from ra up to ya and could safely cs the time remaining. A HUGE game but on the other hand LocKtar was really unlucky with the spawns and the game could have been completely different if I didnt got those 3 spawnfrags in the later stage.


locust 15 - 6 LocKtar

comment by locust
We decided to play ztndm3 for the potential final map. LocKtar got the better start here RA/Mega so I once again had to play alot more passive then i wanted to. I actually have practice ztndm3 alot lately and feel quite comfortable here, LocKtar got firstblood though and the chase was on. In a crucial moment we had a huge lg-fight at the ra-area wich i luckily ended up winning and could take back the control. From here I kept timing mega and collecting ra's, making it hard for LocKtar to find an opening. He managed to kill me of in the final minutes though and I went in to defensive-mode, spamming rockets and taking positions were I had more then one way to escape. This proved to be very effective and the seconds ran away. LocKtar did a valiant effort trying to work himself back but I had a too big of a lead and could safely nip it in the bud. Great games LocKtar and I wish you all the luck in the LB, I have a feeling we will meet again in a epic final. I also like to thank bps and andeh for streaming this, great job!


[wb - Round 6 - Match 1]
submitted: 2013-12-12 10:39:14 by eb
confirmed: 2013-12-12 10:39:38 by eb
bps 10 years ago
Really good games!
VODs with commentary @
LocKtar 10 years ago
Indeed! as me and locust said to eachother before the game, dm4 will be cruicial! and what a game it was! was not prepared for that ztn. its back to the drawing board.... :>
Trinca 10 years ago
Great games, loved the demos... u guys rockzzz
andeh 10 years ago
Probably the best dm4 I've seen the last years.
Wulfen 10 years ago
played on which server?
need demos.
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