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2 - 0
Map: DM4
locust 22 - 0 kingpin

comment by locust
I knew I definitely had the edge here but kp is a great player and dm4 can be very random at times. It started off in a pretty tight manner, score being 4-5 going back and forth for a couple of minutes...I managed to catch him offguard in a crucial moment and took control. locBot v.2.1 Beta proved to be up on par aswell today so that helpt me alot.


Map: DM2
locust 7 - 6 kingpin

comment by locust
Despite me having mixed-feelings about this map in a duel scenario, I enjoyed it to some extent. Took an early lead with a couple of frags but kp managed to get back, in the final minute there was a crucial fight in big (i think) and I managed to take the lead and could safely cs the time remaining..

GGs kp

comment by kingpin
GGs locust, always fun playing vs you , and always fun with official games, too bad I didnt win the dm2 and we could have had an epic aero decider perhaps? :) but GL in rest of your games mate, i hope you win it all to be honest! :)
[wb - Round 5 - Match 1]
submitted: 2013-11-24 23:57:53 by locust
confirmed: 2013-11-24 23:59:04 by mipa
phil 8 years ago
8-[====] no aero?

warzon 8 years ago
server ?
bulat 8 years ago
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