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2 - 0
bulat 52 - 0 feffe

Map: DM4
bulat 30 - 15 feffe

[wb - Round 2 - Match 13]
submitted: 2013-10-25 21:28:33 by bulat
confirmed: 2013-10-25 21:30:48 by anni
feffe 8 years ago
Was really nervous after seeing the BuLaT vs bps game. Was hoping to somehow by a miracle take down DM4 but after that as kicking on ZTN I was even more nervous. Need to prac ZTN a lot more, had no clue what to do against a player of BuLaT's caliber.

ZTNDM3 (his):
The scores speaks for them self. I had no chance what so ever. And was totally outplayed in every way. WP BuLaT!

DM4 (mine):
Spawned RA and got a quick first frag. Got a couple of frags and then went to get more armor when BuLaT took his favorite weapon and I got scared. Went hiding way to early because of nervs and fear of his great lg. BuLaT owned the map for a couple of minutes and I only got a frag or two now and then. But did an abundance of stupid mistakes and never came back until it was way to late.

GGS and gl in wb BuLaT!
Shame 8 years ago
Love the review gj
phil 8 years ago
nice review more players should do reviews :) gg wp
mushi 8 years ago
yea good read! :)
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