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bps vs bulat
1 - 2
bps 13 - 21 bulat

bps 32 - 20 bulat

Map: DM2
bps 4 - 6 bulat

[wb - Round 1 - Match 25]
submitted: 2013-10-23 21:56:55 by eb
confirmed: 2013-10-23 21:57:13 by eb
Åke Vader 8 years ago
It was gg, entertaining games.

90 spectators following the game on QTV + observing too. :)
bps 8 years ago
Bulat really showed off his most well-polished shaft this night!
I was surprised by that good lg. And my own shafting is like a ping-pong ball as of late.
Impressive aerowalk play I must say.
Decider was tight, could've gone either way. Both of us failing kinda hard in bigroom fights, but eventually he could secure victory.
Ggs, and good luck in WB!
spec 8 years ago
ffs sake where is demos?! i missed this games online!
spec 8 years ago
wtf is that server?! Server Name: The Netherworld
bps 8 years ago
playground #?
spec 8 years ago
yeah that was pg, weird that games vs deadmorozz qwstats detects it right, but next games vs u it detects as some netherworld)
Shame 8 years ago
Demos @
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