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It's over now
eb Mar 27, 2006

After four tight maps (or rather three tight maps and a not so tight one) the winner of DuelMania Reloaded Pt.1 was figured out: reppie from the Netherlands did it again. After winning DuelMania 4 in September 2004 he could continue his success and take out Avenger in todays Grand Finale with a score of 3:1.

The Match report can be found here. Unfortunately the server where the matches got played didn't record demos, so you have to view Demos of POV Avenger and Demos of POV reppie separately.

Anyway, a great season has come to an end, and I wanna say thank you to the crew, to our guests/spectators and of course to the participating players. Congratulations again, reppie!

Avenger interview
Shame Mar 26, 2006

I took the liberty of interviewing Avenger before the match tonight. I haven't done interviews before, but I think I did ok and we had a nice conversation.

You can read it here:

Tonight's the night!
eb Mar 26, 2006

Tonight we will see the Grand Finale between reppie and Avenger. The match is scheduled for 22:30cet. Watch out for .qw on Quakenet to get the cam-IPs.

If we're lucky, we will also get to hear some commentary by ParadokS who was already kind enough to do the commentary for the LB Finale (Match Report + Commentary). Hopefully he doesn't have to play EQL/NQR with his clan slackers when the game is on, so that we can enjoy his singing-interludes.

I expect the match to be extremely tight with both players being really good allrounders, taking out high-class duellers like LocKtar, ParadokS, razor and locust in the course of the tournament.

In the best case (or worst case for the players ;) we see two best-of-five matches, since Avenger has to beat reppie twice in order to win the tournament. This would make a maximum of ten maps with each map only played two times at most. Sounds like a multifaceted evening to me.

So, enjoy the upcoming Grand Finale and Good Luck to the finalists.

Guesstimate LB Round 14
Shame Mar 23, 2006

Avenger and LocKtar will be facing off tonight at 20:30 CET.

As promised, there's a Guesstimate poll running on the forums.

Take a peek, cast a vote and post a comment on who you think will be the one to face Reppie in the Grand Finale of Duelmania Pt.1.

Do so, here.

Disclaimer: 20:30 CET is the current scheduled playing time. This might change for the better/worse during the course of the evening.

Guesstimate LB Round 13
Shame Mar 18, 2006

If all goes well, and the players are ready. Tomorrow (sunday) should be a very interesting day, indeed. We get to enjoy the coming battle between Avenger and ParadokS.

Cast your vote on who will come out on top here: Guesstimate Poll!

And don't forget to watch the game, which is currently scheduled for sunday 19/03/2006 @ ~20:00 CET (8pm). I'm sure there will be enough cam's for everyone :)