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2 - 1
Map: DM6
mushi 1 - 0 maschine

comment by mushi
was ez
Map: DM4
mushi 0 - 1 maschine

comment by mushi
didn't even start
mushi 40 - 12 maschine

comment by mushi
This one took longer.
Intel reported I went into a trap. my opponent led us to play this map, so i had to be cautious. i disabled cautious mode after 1min, and then re enabled it 7 minutes later.

was a fun map to play, ztn spawns can be a bitch.
gg mate!
[lb - Round 3 - Match 4]
submitted: 2013-11-10 23:58:04 by mushi
confirmed: 2013-11-11 00:02:50 by eb
lolek 8 years ago
haha :)
maschine 8 years ago
haha :)

not sure about it being a trap? I picked dm4 in the last round and had no idea you didn't play it! (I could say the same about you picking dm6 knowing I hate it? :D)

unfortunately the spawns never let me get a foothold in the map on ztn - good luck in the rest of the tourney mate
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