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Drake vs case
1 - 2
Drake 26 - 16 case

comment by case
Drake's Map

He played well, i the otherway maybe play one good ztn out of fifty if i put some effort into it.

GG Here Drake!
Map: DM4
Drake 25 - 38 case

comment by case
My map

Cant really remember who spawned were,what,when..pretty much action in the mega doh!

GG well played Drake!
Map: DM6
Drake 10 - 30 case

comment by case

RA spawn for me got lg and a ten frag lead maybe, then Drake shafted me out with good lg skills at RA..i got stacked with Mega and Ga and took it back..i was lucky with some spawnfrags aswell

GG's Drake gl in future tournaments!
[lb - Round 1 - Match 16]
submitted: 2013-11-03 23:02:44 by case
confirmed: 2013-11-03 23:30:50 by racersnigeln
Drake 8 years ago
GGs and gl in the rest of it! :)
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