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2 - 1
bulat 8 - 13 Macisum

comment by Macisum
Close game, I managed to evade him the last 1-2 minutes to secure the win.
bulat 18 - 14 Macisum

comment by Macisum
Another close game, having played bulat a bit here in praccs I felt confident, maybe too confident it seems! He slowed the game down a lot and I couldn't play it as I wanted. I also lost a lot of LG fights I really shouldn't loose, but hey, thats Bulat for ya.
bulat 11 - 5 Macisum

comment by Macisum
Pretty much the same as last game. I haven't played many aerowalks of this style, so I wasnt able to find the route to victory. I guess I will just have to some analysis!

GGS bulat, wp!
[wb - Round 3 - Match 2]
submitted: 2020-11-12 19:34:28 by Macisum
confirmed: 2020-11-12 19:57:48 by eb
bulat 6 weeks ago
Спасибо, ты играл хорошо, поэтому я вычеркнул ztn gg
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