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2 - 1
Macisum 45 - 4 hammer

Map: DM2
Macisum 1 - 3 hammer

Map: DM6
Macisum 7 - 5 hammer

[wb - Round 1 - Match 8]
submitted: 2020-10-27 14:44:36 by eb
confirmed: 2020-10-27 14:44:47 by eb
hammer 1 week ago
Aerowalk was Macisum's pick .. nothing to see here except a rape, move along :D
Dm2 was my pick .. chill and chicken game , as expected.
Dm6 I went in too nervous after that dm2 match and let it go, could have taken it but Macisum proved to be the stronger player and deserved to take this win.
GG's my friend and GL on the next games :)
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