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Turb0 vs ant1
2 - 0
Map: DM6
Turb0 37 - -1 ant1

Map: DM2
Turb0 14 - -10 ant1

[q - Round 1 - Match 9]
submitted: 2020-10-28 18:41:02 by Turb0
confirmed: 2020-10-28 21:27:56 by eb
ant1 1 month ago
hi when will we play and which server should we go to
anni 1 month ago
Seams like our prac worked out Turbo !
Turb0 1 month ago
Was some fun games the othert night Anni, really enjoyed them; not sure if it helped as he seemed very newb.

Hope you continue with QW mr Ant1, i will be recieving a bashing even worse that this on Monday.
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