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Thunderdome Ruleset
dirtbox Apr 22, 2020

The thunderdome ruleset allows the use of a number commands that are universally banned from all other QW tournaments around the world therefore giving the people who use it an unfair advantage.

The use of the thunderdome ruleset is banned in Duelmania and will result in disqualification if found to be used.

Tournament to start Thursday 9th of April
dirtbox Apr 7, 2020

We've hit 16 registrations so there is just another 48 hours to go to register.

Duelmania DownUnder 2020 Registrations
dirtbox Feb 26, 2020

Duelmania DownUnder 2020 Registrations will open around the 1st of April for 3 weeks with the tournament beginning approximately at the 21st of April.

A new map pool is going to be implemented. In order to keep everyone happy, this is the direction Duelmania 2020 will go in....

TB5 - The classic 5 duel maps will never be removed and will remain in the pool

SpineV2/Bravado - 2 established custom QW duel maps

Lost World/Phrantic - 2 extremely established non-rail duel maps that have been converted to Quakeworld that both exist in multiple games already with Lost World being in Quake 3 Arena and Quake Live (we will be using the Quake Live version) and Phrantic being in both CPMA and Quake 4

Final Pool: dm2, dm4 dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3, spinev2, bravado, lostworld, q1q3phrantic