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7th Map - The votes are in!
dirtbox Dec 12, 2020

The votes are in!

  1. Messy Base - 50%
  2. SpineV2 - 29%
  3. Phrantic - 21%
  4. Shifter - 0%

Now all of you euros will be scratching your head right now - what the hell is Messy Base?

Messy Base (messy) is an incredibly old school duel map that even pre-dates Aerowalk and Blood Run. It was created by Adriano 'Escher' Lorenzini in 1997. Some other maps that Escher created, that you have no doubt heard of, are FFA classics Ultra Violence (ultrav) and De Bello Quakero (debello).

Messy Base was a popular duel map in the late 90's in Australia in particular players of the clan Sons of Quad (SoQ) were known to frequent this map.

moksha 4 months ago
Messy base nice. Felt like I was 15 years old again when I loaded up that map yesterday.
moksha 4 months ago
Ultrav for duel :)
harlsom 3 months ago
fun fact: Bro[ash ock] won the impulse 97 duel comp with the final being played on messy. the demo of that was how i first learned it
Magnum 3 months ago
I remember watching it on the big screen at that Impulse 97 event - great map and I'm hoping it becomes more of a staple on our scene. Would love to see the demo - off memory the final score was 5-4. Very tight
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