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eb Oct 15, 2020

Since the dawn of time DuelMania has been one of the tougher tournaments for rookies. First of all, it was always about the oldschool maps. For example DuelMania 1 and DuelMania 2 had only TB3 (dm2, dm4, dm6). DuelMania 3 was the first one that introduced TB5 (adding ztndm3 and aerowalk). And secondly, it never used a forgiving structure like group games or divisions.

This way of doing duel tournaments has been absent lately, mainly because nowadays' tournaments like Hammertime and Thunderdome are very rookie-friendly and very open to new maps. But for DuelMania I would like to keep it classic, in order to simply add to the variety. Long story short:

  • One big, seeded double elimination bracket
  • No divisions or groups
  • TB5-only (but if both players agree they can play the 2020 remixes)

A message for all the rookies out there: Yes, in case you sign up, you will face a tough opponent in round 1 due to the seeding. But I think it can be an interesting experience even if you don't stand a chance. After that you'll have a 2nd chance in the losers bracket which will not be stacked as much in the beginning. So, there should be some fun to be had.

Furthermore, for this DuelMania season there won't be DownUnder, WorldWide or anything like that. It'll be a Europe-centric tournament as it used to be. Meaning, you can still participate if you're outside of Europe, but you will have to play on European servers. Consult the ping rules of how this will be handled. (Spoiler alert: You won't be happy if you play from US west coast and you won't be happy if you're one of the "I only enjoy QW on 13ms" kinda guys.)

With Covid and the winter coming up I hope this will gain some traction and get at least 32 signups. Fingers crossed. Signups are open now and will close 25th of October with tournament start on the 26th of October. One round per week in the winners bracket and two rounds per week in the losers bracket. Depending on the number of signups this tournament should be done by December.

It is expected that you hang out on the QuakeWorld Discord. There is a dedicated channel for this tournament called #duelmania. It will make scheduling much easier and if it's a pain to contact a player, he will most likely be removed from the bracket rather quickly.

hammer 6 months ago
moar qw .. YeY o/
Link 6 months ago
get fucked
hammer 6 months ago
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