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0 - 2
Map: DM2
Quake 7 - 23 BLooD_DoG

comment by BLooD_DoG
I had a few lucky spawns to start, then he got a good sequence and tied it up for a bit.
Quake 2 - 16 BLooD_DoG

comment by BLooD_DoG
I had a brief interruption where I thought my kid woke up because he sat in bed and cried for a second, but he fell back asleep after 5 seconds. Thanks to Quake for offering to break or pause, nice sportsmanship, but we kept going. I hope that pause didn't cause a loss of momentum for you.

Also thanks for playing early morning for you, I know it was not a convenient time.

[lb - Round 4 - Match 4]
submitted: 2020-11-19 06:36:40 by BLooD_DoG
confirmed: 2020-11-19 07:12:02 by dirtbox
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