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2 - 1
Map: DM4
Macisum 6 - 39 LocKtar

comment by Macisum
As one-sided as one would expect coming in to this match. We play on two different universes at dm4
Macisum 13 - 6 LocKtar

comment by Macisum
Had more hopes for this map than the previous. Was quite a slow start, but I managed to get some control and rack up some frags. Locktar ran the map well the last couple of minutes, but I had too much of a lead so I could just dodge out of fights as I pleased.
Map: DM6
Macisum 6 - 5 LocKtar

comment by Macisum
Tense tense tense! Quite an equal start with both trading frags the first minute. I managed to get the next RA and shaft after the reset, which gave me an early edge. Locktar played patiently and made it hard to get a substantial lead. Last minute was chaos with a 5-5 draw, then he attacked like a wild-man and I won the fight with 5 hp or something.

GGS and WPLocktar, hope to see you more in future duels, its good to have the legends playing! :)
[lb - Round 4 - Match 1]
submitted: 2020-11-17 22:09:47 by Macisum
confirmed: 2020-11-17 22:34:50 by eb
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