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Introducing DuelMania WorldWide
[dirtbox - 2015-07-20 22:30:02]
With the addition of a number of new strategically placed servers around the globe aimed to narrow the ping gap between regions and continents, we are now in the unique position to run a competitive multi-continent QuakeWorld duel tournament and we are even putting our money where our mouth is. For the first time DuelMania will not be run as a European-based tournament, but instead as a tri-continent tournament aimed to cover players all the way from South America to Europe with North America in-between!

The 3 key differences in this season of DuelMania are as follows:
  • Games will need to be played on the server that gives both players the lowest ping, even if that server is located in another continent.
  • The ping-up rule has been increased from 38ms to 90ms if one player's ping is above 90ms.
  • We have prize money. At this stage we have a guaranteed wallet of USD$625 which will pay out the top 5 players.

How will it work with server choice?
  • Normal rules apply when playing someone from your own continent.
  • You will need to play on higher pings if your opponent is from another continent.
  • European and South American players will be expected to play their games on servers in the USA (Miami or New York servers are the mandatory options).
  • If one player has less than 90ms ping and one player has above 90ms then pinging up to 90ms (maximum) is required.
  • North American players will need to play in Europe or South America if they are East Coast (and it is the fairest option), otherwise if they are west coast they will need to play in Miami or New York and then ping up.
  • You must use sb_findroutes 1 to ensure you have the best possible route. People not using the best route will be considered to be artificially increasing their ping to sway server choice in their favour. Players who don't wish to use sb_findroutes 1 to have their best route chosen for them should research the best combination of proxies in advance for them to play on New York, Miami and London servers. Refer to this guide:

Some examples?
  • dirtbox (Netherlands) vs dev (North Brasil) - New York server (equal 90ms)
  • BloodDog (East USA) vs locust (Sweden) - London server (locust pings up)
  • BogoJoker (West USA) vs x1bot (South Brasil) - Miami Server (Bogo pings up)
  • Bulat (Russia) vs x1bot (South Brasil) - New York (both with high pings)

QuakeWorld is turning 20 next year, 1996-2016. Hopefully this tournament will inspire QuakeWorld fans to look again to this incredible game, and celebrate the incredible 20 year anniversary of the one and only, Quake!

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